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Friday, November 18, 2011

Salam... Bukan anak jepun pun. Tp ramai yg gelar baby ni anak jepun. Sbbnye..mata die sepet n runcing! - kejap je ni..muka baby cepat je berubah-ubah...~☺ Ok, today 18th...genap la baby Eryna 3months. Kali ni, simple photoshoot utk baby Eryna. ES tak sempat nak post entry photoshoot baby Eryna masa first photoshoot after a few days she was born. So, entry ni ES combined la some of the photo collections. Some of the baby info:- Nama glamour: Eryna D.O.B: 18th Aug 2011; 19 Ramadhan 1432H Place of Birth: Shah Alam, Selangor Weight: 3.38kg (1st day); 5.9kg (3months)

The BIGGEST eye she can for now!hahah.. si comel yg sepet~☻
Tangan & Jari yg tembam, hugging her favourite bunny!
My fingers is DELICIOUS! finger-licious...
A few days after she was born..i'm really sleepy~sleeping beauty.



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