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Monday, November 14, 2011

Salam... Weekend mesti ramai yg bawa family jln2. ES pun ambil peluang semalam (Sunday, 13/11/2011) meluangkan masa bersama family tercinta. ♥ Yela..kerja x tentu masa. weekdays ade keja, weekends ade keje..hmm. bila ada free time sikit, baru la senang hati nk jalan2 kan? Ok, for last weekend our location is AQUARIA KLCC. Our opinions - it's really cool! ticket price:- -Adult RM35 (we all ade student card, so dpt la discount RM5..~☺) -Child RM25 -Senior Citizen RM25 Entry is absolutely FREE for infants Children are visitors aged from 3-12 years old Senior Citizens are patrons aged 60 years old & above Nama pun AQUAria kan..jd tentulah aqua2 creatures sbg watak2 utama dlm ni. Selalu tgk dlm tv je kan, skg tgk yg real punye...syok habis! Ade shark, turtle, octopus, crocodile dan byk la yg lain2 lagi. Penguin? xde nampak la pulak..haha :D

Water Rat...it's so BIG!
Sea Horse...kiut la sgt, rasa nk cilok sekor masuk dlm beg. :p Giant OCTOPUS! Jelly Fish Turtle Terowong Ikan Pari..masak asam pedas sodap ni! anak ES (2yrs) pointing at this and said "Kite fish la..."-sbb last week bawa die gi tgk layang2..sama pulak! comel~ Dah penat jln2 aquaria, drop by @ Pavillion for quick lunch and rest...~♥
Then, balik la...eh, singgah Giant Hypermarket jap - beli daily grocery :p


Anonymous said...

love it.. thanks kecik:)

Elvira Studio said...


love it tOo..~♥ thanks besar! :p


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