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Monday, June 18, 2012

As salam...

Birthday party ni dah lama..3 tahun lepas dah :p
Sesiapa yang pernah baca blog ES sebelum ni, maybe pernah baca entry tetang budak handsome ni!
Tapi entry tu ES dah rombak balik. Cari-cari entry tu dah takde.
Tetiba teringat and terindu budak handsome Danish! So, ES cari photo time celebrate 1st birthday Danish..
Ini dia.. Handsome kan? Sekarang dah 3 years old. Mesti lagi handsome.
Nanti kita jumpa lagi ye Danish! :)


p/s: if you all perasan, mummy daddy Danish ni penah ada dalam entry sebelum ni.
Yup, Danish is biG brOther of Dania yang comel tu... tengok entry majlis berendoi Dania [klik sini].. Comel kan? They are really adorable siblings...~♥



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